The Benefits of Dance at the Academy


Dance training requires physical, emotional and intellectual skill. Becoming a stronger dancer makes you feel good about yourself.

Goal Setting

Each dancer sets goals for improvement, and each class has the end goal of a memorable performance together.


Develop healthy lifestyle habits right now that will last a lifetime. Hard work will pay off with toned muscles and regular exercise.


Working hard with a group of people for a goal creates bonds that last. Plus, it’s a perfect way to meet others from different schools.

Art Exposure

Art is a beautiful and individual way to understand the world. Exposure to a variety of movement and music leads to a well-rounded young person.

Community Involvement

Wausau Academy of Dance supports and fundraises for the Children’s Miracle Network and the Humane Society as well as offering scholarships.

Wausau Academy of Dance has the area’s only multi-leveled performance group options. The STRIVE & SPARK competitive teams offer dancer families the choice of how many dance hours are appropriate for their child, with two levels of costs and commitment hours that are comfortable for many families of our more serious dancers.

“What I hoped for when I put my daughter in dance classes was that she would be able to one day feel confident on the dance floor and get physically fit. What she received is so, so much more.”

Hillary, Dance Parent