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Our Success Model

Our main focus at the Wausau Academy of Dance is to teach the student how to dance, not just “a dance”. You can expect your child’s experience to be safe, educational and fun. Recital dances are not started until the second semester. The first semester is devoted to learning correct technique and shorter combinations of movement. The second semester focuses on technique and performance.

Your child will learn about body alignment, posture, dance terminology, qualities of movement, anatomical awareness, basic musical concepts and classroom etiquette in addition to dance steps. Our teaching staff is patient, professional and work to create a fun, exciting and safe atmosphere.

Every child is evaluated and placed in the appropriate level class to ensure a safe and correct level of challenge. If requested, we are more than happy to provide you with a dance report card explaining the accomplishments your child has achieved or is working to achieve at any time during the school year. Several factors are taken into consideration when placing a child into a class at the start of the dance season. These components include:

  • Ability
  • Age
  • Physical Development
  • Maturity
  • Flexibility
  • Timing
  • Many other factors!

All performing opportunities are strongly encouraged, but not mandatory. Dance is a performance art, and we do our best to provide enough opportunities to perform without overextending the schedules of both parents and students. You can expect to perform in 1-3 performances per dance year.

You can expect that your child will receive an age appropriate dance education. We appreciate the small influence that we may have on your child’s life and we take that responsibility seriously. Consideration is paid to all details in your child’s dance experience, such as:

  • Music used in class
  • Structure of the class
  • Costuming