Dress Code

The dress code is in place for the benefit of the dancer. Wearing clothing because it is easy to move in is appropriate but not specific enough. The reason for wearing a leotard and tights (or leotard and shorts for techniques other than ballet) is to showcase the dancers alignment. The teacher and dancer must be able to clearly see the body in order to make corrections. In addition to proper attire, the hair should be worn off the neck in a ponytail or bun. A student may be asked to sit out of class if their attire is inappropriate because it is too baggy or too revealing. All apparel and shoes are available for purchase at Open House and throughout the school year.



Intro to Dance: Leotard (any color) or unitard, tights, hair pulled away from the face.

Pre-Ballet: Light pink leotard, pink skirt, pink tights. Hair pulled back into tight bun.

Ballet: Please use a hair net to make a secure bun! Pink tights, and class leotard. Ballet 1: Black leotard, black ballet skirt, Ballet 2: Purple leotard, Ballet 3: Hunter green leotard, Ballet 4: Maroon leotard, Ballet 5: Navy leotard, Ballet 6: Any color leotard, Teen Ballet: Black leotard.

Hip Hop: Have fun! Put on your funkiest outfit, just make sure you can comfortably move. Hats are ok for this class.

Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Modern, Tap/Jazz: Any color leotard or fitted tank top and dance shorts, hair pulled away from face in a ponytail or bun.

Acro: Leotard or sports bra and shorts(No baggy clothes)


Ballet: black fitted ballet pants or compression shorts, fitted t-shirt or tank top

Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Tap/Jazz, Intro to Dance: Fitted T-shirt or tank top, shorts or pants that allow the knees to be seen. Nothing too baggy.

Hip Hop: Comfortable clothing, please no jeans. Hats can be worn.

Acro: Compression shorts, tank top

STRIVE REHEARSALS & SPARK REHEARSALS- Dancers must wear all black.



Intro to Dance: Revolution brand pink ballet shoes (no ties) and Danshuz or Revolution brand tan Mary Jane tap shoes

Tiny Dancer: Revolution brand pink ballet shoes (no ties)

Pre-Ballet and Ballet 1: Revolution brand ballet shoes (no ties) or Danshuz brand

Ballet 2-6: Danshuz leather ballet shoes

Tap/Jazz: Danshuz or Revolution brand tan Mary Jane tap shoes & dark tan Revolution jazz booties (ballet shoes can be worn unless performing a jazz dance for the recital)

Jazz Level 1-5: dark tan Revolution jazz booties

Tap Level 1 & 2: dark tan Mary Jane style, Level 3: dark tan Revolution slip ons, Level 4 and up: will be decided once dance is decided upon, Teen: dark tan slip on Revolution tap shoes

Lyrical: Danshuz half soles

Modern: Barefoot

Tiny Hip Hop, Hip Hop 1-3: Gia Mia Flash sneakers in black & white

Hip Hop Level 4 & Supergroup Hip Hop: Urban Groove Dance Sneaker

All Group Production: Tan Jazz Shoe

Strive Jazz: TBD

Super Group Ballet: Danshuz brand ballet shoes

Acro: No shoes


Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap/Jazz, Intro to Dance: shoes for boys should be black, boys doing Modern and Acro can go barefoot